Community2Go addresses the issue that communities have long struggled with; connecting members with information. Community2Go has an easy to navigate menu for when you know the question you want to ask, as well as a real-time time push message service that sends important updates directly to the community users' iPhone, Android phone, iPad or Android Tablet.

Community2Go is by default configured to work with our hosted content service. The content administrator for each community is provided an account to our secure portal where they manage their content.


Easily communicate between the school and parent group with push notifications directly to devices. Parents are able to access often sought information such as newsletters, canteen menus, uniform shop, and the school calendar. Community2Go links to the school's Facebook page, their website or any other site. Kids will enjoy the app's interactive features such as a school quiz or the timer.

Sporting Clubs

Take advantage of the inbuilt map functions which allow a club to list all their grounds which the users can click on to see in a map and get driving directions. They can configure the notification service so that the users can choose from a list types of notifications to receive. Links to a fixtures site and published newsletters can be shown


Provide easy access to important company information and notifications - time sheet capture, periodic reminders, calendar of events

Church Groups

Facilitate fund raising activities. Community2Go links to the church's Facebook page, Facilitate communication around fund raising activities, support groups and other church events.

Professional Communities

Collaborate across professional communities and special interest groups through using the core features of Community2Go.

Local Government / Councils

Update the local community with information about events and activities in their neighbourhood.


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