The Community2Go Administration Module extends the reach of the core Community2Go mobile app to include administration tasks. Admin staff are provided with a console to efficiently manage teams, classes, times, enrollments, payments and reporting. Participants can login and manage their details and complete registrations and payments all through the Community2Go app.

Efficient for Admin Staff

Administration staff get an intuitive interface which is quick and easy to enter teams, classes, participant details and generate reports. Having all the information in the one place means that Community2Go Admin can take care of registering participants and generating reports for you. No more spreadsheets, no more manually going through each participants enrollments!

Simple for Participants

Community2Go Admin makes the process of registration and payment quick and simple for parents and participants. The families details are captured and matched with the available classes/teams giving the registrants a personalised experience. This greatly reduces registration errors as the registrants are offered only the teams/classes suitable for them, payments are calculated automatically and can be paid straight away through the mobile app.

Key Features

Community2Go App Integration

The Admin Module fits straight into your existing Community2Go app, allowing your members to immediately take advantage of online registrations.

Online Payments

Take payments online during the registration process. This reduces the need to do each payment manually using sensitive credit card information.

Automatic Reporting

The advantage of having your data in the one place means that Community2Go Admin Module can automatically generate reports for: income taken for registrations, teacher and attendance sheets, medical details lists and more!


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